So I have to meet with the school therapist to determine what happens… If I cut again I’d be out of school and my parents wouldn’t get any money back…. Fuck this… I don’t trust myself. Oh and I have to be drug tested

Another Day

It is another day… and I still feel the same hopefully my school will make a decision and I will know where my future lies. Unfortunately I still need something to drown out the pain… Whether it be cutting, drinking or doing some kind of drug. People ask me all the time, do you want to stop? Of course I reply yes. But when I really think about it, I can’t imagine anything different… It’s an addiction, to say the least. 


They burn slow and sweet

The silver edge dragging against the rough skin

How could one bring them self such pain?

Easy I say. Just takes a little hate

“Let it go, lay it down” they say

But in my head the Demon shouts – NO!



So I talked to my therapist today, about how I thought I could have BPD. She said it’s only diagnosed in adults which I think is complete shit. I’m 16 and have all the symptoms. Not at all trying to self diagnose here, but is this true? That it only is diagnosed to adults?


Dad just texted me a picture of my throw up stained floor because I drank too much one night… Little does he know I’m at the point of a possible expulsion… My life is a mess